The Tandem Turners

This is the blog of Kat and Steve Turner.  On 24th April 2012 we flew one way to Christchurch, New Zealand, to begin our 2 year journey home to London on Hooch, our trusty tandem.  We are now safely home, but you can read about how we made it through the back roads of the world; finding challenge, intrigue, generosity and beauty around every corner of this amazing planet.

– Find out a bit more about us.

– Follow our ups and downs on our blog, from a his and her perspective.

– See our planned route and where we actually end up going (navigation is one of our weaker points)

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– A charity we think really makes a difference

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46 Responses to The Tandem Turners

  1. Betty-Ann Hurrelle says:

    Hi Steve and kat, really enjoyed following your progress. Sorry about the dreadful weather you have experienced as you cycle into my home town, Invercargill. Was a student in Dunedin for 3 years as well. (Don’t know if you ever saw the film, ”The World’s Fastest Indian,” starring Anthony Hopkins which is a true story about a man called burt Munroe who broke the world record for land speed. He is from Invercargill and Anthony Hopkins did very well with the accent.
    You sound amazingly brave but the photos look as if it’s all worth while. The colours look spectacular and as you say you certainly see a lot on a bike that you wouldn’t see from a car.
    I have a cousin in kaikoura and I’m sure you could stay with her. Jenny and Stan would know her address.
    Did you manage to get to Stewart Island? It’s well worth a visit if you can.

    Anyway take care

  2. Sarah says:

    Hey Guys!
    Im sarah from chch south intermediate.
    Im just woundering where you guys are up to?
    and how you guys are going?? I would really love to know!
    Injoy your adventure.

    • Steve says:

      Hi Sarah, it took me a while to reply to this message! We are still cycling, we are in Vietnam now. It was over a year ago we were at your school – we remember it like it was yesterday, but so much has happened since then. We have now cycled 17, 000km, we are about half way home! Say hello to Mr Collins from us.

      Take Care

      Steve and Kat

  3. Robin Turner says:

    Happy Birthday Steve,bet you wish you had some Turners Best. Uncle Robin

  4. Featherston Motels and Camping (Colin ) says:

    Hi Kat and Steve,
    Enjoyed having you both stay and listning to the adventures you,ve had to date.
    Enjoy New Zealand and good luck with your World record attempt.

  5. Mum and Dad says:

    You two are such an inspiration – what highs and lows you’ve already experienced! We’re so proud of you both. Big hugs, Mum and Dad xx

  6. Anthony Rock says:

    Hey guys, hope your both ok? Looks like your doing great . . keep up the good work and enjoy Australia.

    I posted a video link above, check it out. Mount Tongariro erupted today after lying dormant for 115 years! Close call that one as it wasnt that along you were there.

    Anyway, all the best and speak soon.
    Ant :)

  7. Louise Holly says:

    Dear Kat and Steve

    A very belated thank you for all of your contributions to our wedding! The ginger beer was delicious. The caterers didn’t realise it was alcoholic and we suspect that a few kids may have got to sample some too! The bunting was hung proudly in the marquee entrance and looked amazing. Via Katie we got a lot of inspiration from your wedding so thank you for everything (have a look at the photos through her facebook page, there’s one with me with a flute of ginger beer!)

    Hope you’re having an amazing trip. Are your bums sore yet?

    Louise x

    • Kat says:

      Hey Louise! Huge CONGRATULATIONS to you and Ben. We are so glad that you had the day you wanted – Katie said the sun came out for you and looking at the photos on facebook, it looks a blast. I think that ginger beer should have had a health warning on it! It’ll put hairs on the chest of those kids.

      Once again, congratulations and when we are back I am sure Steve will brew some more killer ginger beer and we can share a glass (or two) to celebrate.


  8. Rod says:

    Yeah this is Rod the older one from Cadney Park Homestead in Sth Aust, we were the guys from Adelaide and Alice Springs that met you on the the day of Kat’s birthday, just checking in to see how far you are from Darwin and if your still pedalling. Are you on schedule.
    All the best
    Kind Regards

    Rod Pursche

  9. Hey you guys are doing a good Job, May the Good Lord Bless you, Expand your Territories and Increase your strength as you cycle… Blessed!

  10. Steve Dyster says:

    Just lining up a news item for rhe March edition of Cycling World. what a wonderful way to get home. Really enjoyed taking a look at your progress. Hope things are going really well. Remember the his and hers perspectives when my wife and I first tandemmed!
    Very best wishes to you both.

  11. Mum and Dad says:

    Wonderful photos of Christmas together in Malaysia – you all looked so happy together!
    And now Thailand – great blog – keep it up – you’re both doing so well, especially when coping with food poisoning.
    No photo of the 2-metre snake Steve?
    Love and hugs to you both.
    Mum and Dad xx

  12. enayah says:

    Hi Mr Turner SOUTH PARK PRIMARY SCHOOL MISSES YOU !!!!! hurry and come back.

    • Steve says:

      We are cycling as fast as we can! It was so much quicker on the plane – what were we thinking?

      Mr Turner

  13. Cherie and Col says:

    All love and miss you and think you are amazing and inspiring and so proud too.
    Cherie and Col xxxxxxxxxx

    • Steve says:

      Miss you guys too – all our love.

      Steve and Kat

      PS. Col you looked great in the monkey outfit

  14. Hi couple
    Do you have to work tomorrow to earn for living? Is life a trip or a day of working hard?

    • Steve says:

      Hi Phuoc, I enjoyed our philosophical musings in Quang Ngai over a cold beer. We won’t be earning any money tomorrow, but living real is hard work and you have to earn it. I would like to think that working hard can be a trip. And I can say from our experience that every day of our trip is a day of working hard… Take care, Steve

  15. Taranveer Singh Bhogal says:

    Hope you are having a great time

  16. isnt it amazing that you are travelling around a variety of countries

  17. Izzah says:

    Mr Turner south park school nearly forgot you until we heard about your blog today! WE ALL MISS YOU!!!!!come back soon

  18. Aarez says:

    Mr Turner come back soon!everyone misses you so much

  19. Izzah says:

    Mr Turner south park primary misses you a whole bunch!

  20. Aarez says:

    Mr Turner come back soon!

  21. Granny and Grandad Pryce says:

    Hello Campers!
    We hope you are enjoying wherever you are. Happy Birthday Steve!
    Hope you can celebrate together.
    Cake when you come home!
    Miss you both.
    Love Granny and Grandad xxx

    • Steve says:

      Hi Granny and Grandad, We had a very hard days riding for my birthday, but we found a lovely hotel for the night – so the tent had a rest. Thank you for your wishes, we miss you too. Next Birthday will not be on the road… See you soon.

      Love Steve

  22. Cherie And Col says:

    Happy Birthday Steve!!
    We will have a chinese take away in your hounour!
    have a great day!
    Love Cherie and Col

  23. jannah says:

    hi mr turner we watched your video you sent us and it was amazing.i love how you got so many videos together to make one guys have a lot of inspiration and are having a marvellous adventure.the video seems like its made in thbe future due to your long beard.

  24. Peter Griffin says:

    Hi, my name is Peter. I would like to congratulate you guys on your amazing accomplishment. It’s awesome you guys are doing this! You have really inspired my dog Brian. Peace out!

  25. Rainney says:

    Hi! Do you remember me? I was the Chinese girl you met in a hotel in Mian Yang,Sichuan province. I’d like to know where are you now? Is everything OK? I hope that you can accomplish your trip successfully. China welcomes you forever.

    • Kat says:

      Hello Rainney!

      We are so very sorry for taking such a long time to reply to you. We are very well thank you and of course we remember you; your excellent English skills were invaluable and helpful!

      Despite a tight deadline due to our Chinese visa, we successfully managed to cycle all the way from Hekou in Yunnan province to Khorgos, Xinjiang province. From there we have cycled through Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. We flew to Georgia and from there we cycled into Turkey. We are making our way towards Istanbul now.

      China was such a huge and diverse country that cycling there gave us many challenges but also many fond memories!

      It was a pleasure to meet you and maybe one day we will be lucky enough to meet again.

      All the best.

  26. John says:

    wow you two are actually absolutely mad!!!!
    but you are definitely real modern day adventurers, not many could do what you do

    Goodluck, and keep peddling
    Amazing to have met you both, real inspirational folk :)

    John from Sim’s in Chengdu

    • Kat says:

      Hey John

      Great to hear from you and a lovely surprise to see you are following our progress. We must admit that some of the challenges we had in China made us feel like we were going mad but it was all character building stuff. I am sure I’ll never moan about Steve leaving clutter around the house again after the experience of sleeping in poo tunnels!

      How were the rest of your travels after leaving Sim’s? Are you back in Australia yet?

      It was lovely to meet you in Chengdu. We remember our time there very fondly – can’t tell you how much we needed some good company so thank you! A boost that no doubt kept us pedalling.

      Best of luck with the journalism degree if that is still the plan and stay in touch. Give us a few months to get back but if you are ever in London let us know.

  27. Miriam says:

    I SAW YOU YESTERDAY!!! In case you are currently in Kyrgyzstan heading south, that is… I went back north from field work in the walnut region to Bishkek yesterday and was staring at the beautiful mountain lake my taxi passed when suddenly a tandem with a flag at the back and someone very bearded in an orange t-shirt came towards us… tell me if I’m completely wrong, but there are probably not too many tandems cycling around Central Asia after all! I didn’t have the time to react, but in case that it was you, it was just awesome to see that you’re still going! Keep it up, the highest of Kyrgyzstan’s mountains are already behind you and you should definitely take a short break in the walnut region if you have the time, it’s a good place to be.
    Cheers from (again) Bishkek from the German you met in your Urumqi hostel :-)

    • Kat says:

      Hello Miriam,

      Can’t believe we passed you! Without a shadow of a doubt, it was most definitely us. We did think of you once we got into Kyrgyzstan and how your internship was going and whether our paths may cross. Well, they sort of did! Hope you enjoyed your internship. Are you back in Germany now? How is uni going?

      We absolutely loved our time in Kyrgyzstan although we didn’t make it as far south as Osh and Arslanbob…not this time at least. It is such a beautiful country that we would definitely like to go back one day and explore further.

      Really great to hear from you and thank you for the encouragement. We are still going strong (we are in Turkey now).

      All the best and if you are ever in London, do let us know!

  28. Erwin says:

    Hey Guys it’s unbelievable! I just got the business card from you guys in my fingers accidentally when i was tidying up. We met in NZ, Haast. U just started. And me too. I returned my travels a month ago, came last from Venezuela.
    U guys are still going. Respect!!! Keep going and make the dream come true!! I wish good luck!
    Cheers Erwin, Switzerland

    • Kat says:

      Hey Erwin!

      We remember you! Especially that you said your friend saw people cycling through the Outback and that they were mad. We nearly were! Gosh, it was such a long time ago that we met – we certainly didn’t think we would get this far. Sounds like you have had some amazing travels too. Hope you are settling well back into life in Switzerland.

      Thanks for getting in touch and all the best

      Kat and Steve

  29. janet donaghey says:

    wow sitting here in islington & just read an article about you in the daily mail online. so inspiring :) such bonding adventures should be mandatory for all newly married couples! my utmost respect & admiration to you both. you look so happy together in the photos :) let us know when you are due back in london. i would love to be in the crowd cheering you as you arrive!! xx

    • Kat says:

      Hello Janet

      Thank you so much for such a lovely message and your encouragement. Messages like yours always give us a good spur on! We are having lots of fun but are still very much looking forward to settling in London again. We’ll be posting details about our homecoming on the blog shortly and it would be lovely to meet you.

      Hope the weather at home has been improving – it looks like it has been pretty brutal!

      All the best

      Kat and Steve

  30. Marc&Lilie says:

    Hi Steve & Kat,

    Thanks again for the italian SIM card ! We were very happy to meet you on our way to Italy which we finally reached a few hours later. We hope you’ll get a lot of sun for your journey through France ! Good luck for the last country before home !! Cheers

    • Kat says:

      Bonjour Lilie and Marc!

      It was really loving meeting you on your way into Italy. Thank you for the warmshower details and the photo too.

      We wish you all the very best for what lays ahead. You will have an amazing adventure, we are sure! Hope the weather for you improves too. We are going to enjoy following your journey on a comfortable sofa.

      If you ever find yourself in London, on a bicycle or not, you are more than welcome to stay at ours.

      All the best,

      Kat and Steve

  31. sabihah and famliy says:

    sir i hope your back to England now when your back can yuo send me a message i would love to se you remember all thoose maths lesson now im grown up and doing my exams for the end of y7 nearly y8 really nervous
    missing you lots
    Best of luck for the future Mr Turner
    Sabihah and her famliy

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