Where are the Tandem Turners?

TT – Last Seen Celebrating in London, UK 29/03/14

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21 Responses to Where are the Tandem Turners?

  1. Debbie Stott says:

    You two are completely mad, but here’s to hoping that you can pull it off ! What an adventure!!! Are you really missing India out ??

    • Steve says:

      India – means crossing the Himalayas and travelling through Tibet, which is politically awkward at the moment. We will have a think about it Debbie – one pedal at a time. Mind you, I do love a good curry…

  2. Sarah Orpet says:

    My sister Becky Bushnell made your Tandem Turners flag and told me about your trip……now I’m a Tandem Turners fan and want to follow the cool stuff you find and read your blog! Sending you our sparkliest best wishes from Manchester for a super trip with lots of love and laughter on the way! xx

  3. Robin Turner says:

    bet it was cold in that tent during the night. uncle Robin

  4. Jan and Brian Riach says:

    Great to meet you – we have been thinking of you as you headed for the hills. Saw you on TV and read the article in the Press. Will follow your progress with interest.Cheers, Jan.

  5. James Edwards says:

    Hi Guys, We just completed a similer trip in our Campervan from Wales to Christchurch, have fun and enjoy the madness

  6. Cherie and Colin says:

    We think you are sooooooooooooooooooooo brave, thinking of you all the time. Following your route closely too.
    Love you
    Cherie and Col xxxxxxxxxx

  7. Rod Pursche says:

    Good to see you have made it to Mataranka hope you had a dip in the hot springs not that you need them, a dip in a cool pool to cool you down with the temperatures you have been enduring be more appropriate. Spoke to Clinton in Alice and both he and Buddha are interested in your movements also. Like a e-mail address for further correspondence if thats possible.
    Pedal on


    Rod Pursche

    • Kat says:

      Hi Rod

      Great to hear from you. Got to say that you and the other guys really made my birthday and it was lovely to randomly bump into Clinton in Alice Springs. We certainly did have a dip in the springs. They were beautiful, although we got a bit of a fright when a huge lizard appeared out of the vegetation right beside our heads! We are in Adelaide River today. We have decided to take things a bit slower to Darwin as it is so humid and there is no rush as our flight to Bali isn’t until 4 November.

      Our email is tandemturners@gmail.com

      Hope you continue to enjoy our adventures…we hope we do too! And it would be lovely if one day our paths crossed again. We’ll buy you guys a drink this time.


  8. Cherie and Col says:

    ‘Darwin Col’ yehhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    ( imagine lots of prycey type excited Noise)

  9. Cherie and Col says:

    ‘Bali Now Col’………………………………………..we are fast running out of words meaning amazed , impressed, inspired!!!
    Cherie and Col xxx

  10. Rod Pursche says:

    Well Steve and Kath good to hear you are through to KL and possibly on your way to Penang. Read the blog and all sounds so familiar when Sue and I travelled those areas. The different cultures are certainly mind boggling, along with the foods although as we said Maca’s were more favoured sometimes for us, due to the little skun doggies hanging in the displays. In Penang we visited a Budhist Temple which was over run by turtles be interesting to see how many million more are there. Well once again wish you both a Merry Xmas, Clinton is coming down from Alice so be good having him for Xmas lunch along with the rest of the family. Happy travels and catchup soon.

    Catch Ya

    Rod Sue

  11. Sandra Morgan says:

    Hope you are having a lovely christmas with Ronnie and also a much earned rest. I know Mum could not wait to see you both. She needs a good rest as well.

    Regards and looking forward to reading further tales from you

    Sandra (Ronnie’s Wednesday workmate)x

  12. wndy and alan bushnell (james' ma and pa) says:

    Your story of coming down the mountains with tyres exploding ,rather pales into insignificance the story my mother used to tell of coming down Haldon on a tandem with no brakes,this was in the ’30s when the road was quiet!Love the photos.Ishall tell my sister to look at the ones of Singapore,as in the 1960’s,she lived there for 2 years when her husband was in the army.It wasn’t a tourist spot then,just part of the “Empire”They lived out in the rural part.Best of luck for the rest of the ride
    Wendy and Alan

  13. Lukas says:

    You guys are so awesome! That was a nice evening with you. Have some relaxing days in Chengdu and good luck for the trip!

    Lukas, from sim’s cozy :)

  14. Nsanzabaganwa Christian says:

    I hope you will be at home very soon.

  15. Kate and Jono Collins says:

    Keep going guys. So amazed at what you guys have achieved. Love to you both and hope you enjoy the last few days as you reflect on the amazing and inspiring achievement that you are so close to finishing.
    P.S Hope you are not considering a victory lap

    • Kat says:

      Hello Kate and Jono

      Great to hear from you and thank you so much for your words of encouragement. We are feeling absolutely wrecked so they are very welcome! As much as we would love to see you in New Zealand there is definitely not going to be a victory lap but we won’t rule out a 10 year tour. Maybe?

      Can’t believe how much time has passed since you looked after us so well. Sophia and Hamish must be growing up so much! Are they still having fluffies?

      Lots and lots of love to you all.

      Kat and Steve

  16. Armin says:

    Hi guys! Keep up your valiant effort. So happy to read about you. I might try the same one day, who knows. However I was a bit disappointed when I discovered that you changed your initial route. I’m so curious to know the reason. Believe it or not, but I think it’s a pity to miss a place like Iran. Was it your decision to change the route or presumably other issues were involved?
    cheers & good luck with the rest of your expedition.
    Armin from Iran.

    • Kat says:

      Hello Armin

      Lovely to hear from you and glad you have enjoyed our story. If you want to do the same one day, go for it!

      We heard only amazing things about Iran and were very much looking forward to experiencing it. Unfortunately we had to change our route as the visa was too expensive for us. However, Iran is certainly a country that we would like to visit one day in the future.

      Thanks for your encouragement and hope you enjoy our last few adventures before we get home.

      All the best

      Kat and Steve

  17. hamish screen says:

    hi kat i know mr collins he is a teacher at my school

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