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Kat and Steve

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  1. Jonathan and Kate says:

    looking forward to seeing you both soon! Weather is unseasonably good down here in Christchurch! Very exciting adventure ahead for you guys!

  2. Kathleen and Marc says:

    Have a wonderful trip Steve and Kat!
    NO road kill!!!
    We’d love a postcard from somewhere scenic-surprise us!
    Kathleen and Marc

  3. Rhiannon says:

    Hello both, just a quick note to wish you well. Sorry I won’t get a chance to wave you off in person but I’m jetting off on my own (much shorter & much much less adventurous) trip in a few days. I will be regularly checking the blog for updates and cheering you on though. Take care of yourselves, keep in touch, and have an AMAZING time! XXXX

  4. Sheya says:

    Bon Voyage travellers!! Have a happy and safe trip. We will be thinking of you both! Love from the Michaelides xxxx (Sheya, Al, Ella and Marina)

  5. Mike and Sheila Pryce says:

    The very best of Luck Stay Safe and we will be watching
    Mike P

    • Mike Pryce says:

      Well done so far I am very impresed with the pair of you. Your bound to pick up a few injuries on the way, not serious.
      My very best regards Mike & Sheila

  6. Cherie and Colin says:

    Sending our love, and thoughts and pasties to you at the beginning of your adventure. Remember you have all us Pryces cheering you on and that includes the Grandad of them all………….
    Init Blinkin Marvelous!!!!!!!!
    Catch me hold!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Debbie Stott says:

    Only 3 hours left til blast off! Have a brilliant time xxx Debbie, Jas, Kiera and Shay xx

  8. Anna Chalk says:

    hi you two, really enjoyed the tv clip! let me know if you are going to Tasmania – Anita from church in kingston lives out there and asked if you will be passing through, lots of love xxx ps harry says hello and good luck

  9. CJ says:

    Your waterproof bike trousers have saved my life in the last month. Hope it’s going well. Next door neighbours at the carboot.

  10. veronica nickels says:

    all these lovely people sending you messages of cheer, well here is another one. the going looks really tough but at least you dodged the bullets. carry on up the Passes lots of love Mum xxx

  11. Ian Ingham says:

    Hi guys

    have an amazing trip. I am envious. Just read about you in the Mainland Press, fantastic. I have cycled right around and up through the center of Australia, so if you have any questions feel free to e mail me I would love to be able to pass on anything that might be of use to you. Have a great trip and the best of luck. Regards Ian

  12. Joe says:

    Keep it up Turners!!!!

    Love joe, Sophie and the boy who never sleeps xxxxx

  13. Anthony Rock says:

    Hello! Great work guys, you really are doing well. And although it must be very tough at times, from what we’re reading and the photos we’re looking at, it all seems well worth it! Well done.

    Got to say, we’re both very jealous of you. New Zealand is an amazing place! Maybe you’ll get to spot Mount Cook in the distance when you head back up the South Island towards Queenstown!? Fingers crossed.

    Stay safe, and all the best for the coming days.

    Ant and Debs xx

  14. Cherie and Col. says:

    We are so impressed, Cherie particularly of Kat, Go Girl! You are my Hero!!!!
    Pryces are busy collecting lots of small and bigger change for Practical Action, and are Busy saving up for some ‘Funky Chickens’ on the ‘Practical Presents’ page of Practical Action Website!! with more livestock to follow once we’ve saved for the chickens!!!
    5p,s and 20p,s minimum tender!
    Just to say we are thinking of you is a understatement, you are never far from our love, thoughts and prayers, usually as I guiltily snuggle down, and say ‘Hope They are warm Col’…….. Love reading of your adventures, I usually cry, love you both Cherie and Col xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  15. Helen Djenih says:

    Hi guys,
    Just checked in on you. You’re doing brilliant! New Zealand looks like an amazing place – will keep an eye on you. Keep it up!
    Hels x

  16. Michael & Christine says:

    Thanks for including us on your blog. It is bringing back so many happy memories of our trip to New Zealand in the spring of 2005. We spent four weeks in the South Island and just two weeks in the North. Neither period was long enough. (4000 miles but by car!!)We loved, in particular, the picture of the Moreaki Boulders as for reasons I can’t explain we became mesmerised by them and were reluctant to move on but the purchase of a crayfish in the next lay-by helped. Keep cycling & best wishes M & C.

  17. Cherie and Colin says:

    Remember we’re all with you!
    Love The Pryceys xxx

  18. becca pryce says:

    Very impressed guys looks incredible what youve achieved, love reading the updates, Kat i dont know how u coped with the dark woods and the mice, amazing!!!
    Take care XXxx

  19. June & Mick says:

    We met you on the Frankton Track Queenstown. Somehow managed to loose your card but did a google search and found you. We may see you in Dargaville if you find the time to pedal that far. It would be good if you could pedal from the tip of the south Island to the tip of the north island. We would be happy to host you if you do get that far. Nice to chat with you both.
    Life is a great adventure and you are living it to the max… All the best June & Mick

  20. kev says:

    hey you two, do they have a website for that brill museum ! could spend hours there! wishing you well and following you all the way…….kevin&julie and girls………

    good luck

  21. veronica nickels says:

    i left messages on facebook but i have a feeling i am not doing it correctly, will have to have lessons from a five year old. so just to say thank you for your message which i received after work on Thursday it was so good to hear you and your great trek, just hope the weather is improving, of course it is the holiday weekend now and the weather is typical bank holiday, miserable and dull. at work at present trying to sort the sad people of Bromley, keep up the good work love you lots Your Mum xxxxxx

  22. Hi to both of you,

    Your adventures seem to be endless and inspiring to all of us,wish I could have been so brave to attempt something epic in my youth.
    Tomorrow the gang,Ronnie, Anne,Linda and myself are off up town to see the armada of barges ,yachts,and floating tubs coming down the Thames.Of course we have had a special invite from the Queen so expect to see us on the prow of the barge ,just like Titanic. Keep safe, look forward to following more of your encounters and adventures,
    You’re an inspiration to us all. Love Lesley XXX

  23. Hazel says:

    Hiya Steve & Kat

    Such an amazing blog – really enjoying it and the videos are brilliant!

    Really pleased almost everyone is being so kind on your journey… Take lots of care.


  24. Mum and Dad says:

    Hey you two – what a brilliant blog – though I’m sure it only gives a fraction of the adventures you’re having! You’re both doing so well in awful weather – hope it starts getting better soon. Love and hugs from us all in Plymouth. Mum and Dad xxxx

  25. Cherie and Colin says:

    You both look so healthy!! puts us to shame have just enjoyed a right Royal Jubilee Feast over the weekend!! with a fair bit of watching the telly at Mum and Dads Chalet………….. We can hardly blame the weather as you never let it deter you both intrepid adventurers!!!
    We love reading and seeing those amazing pictures.
    Look after each other.
    Love Cherie and Col xxxx

  26. Jonathan Collins says:

    Hey guys,
    Hoping that the weather is being nicer to you than us at the moment. Just remember never eat yellow snow.
    Take care

    Jono and Kate (plus the little ones)

  27. Granny says:

    Hi Steve and Katherine,
    This is Granny on google. Happy Birthday big boy, thinking of you both and hope you soon get some better weather. Keep going and pedel on, you are a great inspiration.
    Love you both.

    Hello you two,
    My first attempt at E.mail. Great when we can track your journey.
    I thought I was good cycling from Brixton to Perranporth, to camp.
    Look forward to seeing how you go on.
    Great achievement, may god be with you,

    Love Grandad.

  28. veronica nickels says:

    hello there my two heros, should imagine you are on the ferry now hope the trip is good and you get to spend a nice day on Steves birthday thinking of you both and wishing you all the best for your travels in the South Island. all my fondest love Mum xxxx

  29. Cherie and Colin says:

    Happy Birthday Steve!

    Have a great day! Thinking of you, rainy and cold here in Plymouth, Kat, I must confess I have the fire on!!! and jumper!
    All round at your Mum and Dads tonight, when am sure we will be raising a glass or two, to you two. (As well as giving Harry lots of cuddles)
    Loving the photos and journal,
    Lots and lots of love and hugs.
    Cherie and Col xxxxxxxxx

  30. Anna, Tom, Harry, Charlie says:

    Happy Birthday Steve!
    Lots of love xx

  31. Mum and Dad says:

    Nanny Turner wants to wish you a very Happy Birthday Steve. Sending love and big hugs to you both, Nanny and Pippa xxx

    Uncle Robin also says Happy Birthday from him and the 2 cats, Misty and Arthur xxx

    Last of all, big hugs and kisses from Mum and Dad and all the family in Plymouth. Love to you both, xxxxxx

  32. Mum and Dad says:

    Nanny Turner wants to wish you a very Happy Birthday Steve. Sending love and big hugs to you both, Nanny and Pippa xxx

    Uncle Robin also says Happy Birthday from him and the 2 cats, Misty and Arthur xxx

  33. Cherie and Colin says:

    Sending you both a big hug!
    Kat , Col has done up my bike, bought me a new helmet,………………. I think he wants us to join you!
    We even considered hireing a Tandem for the Camel Trail!! ………. you see you are inspirational.
    Mr Chips ( Our Jack Russell) now very aged, actually had to be carried in a rucksack!!! yes am afraid, literally!!!! he refused to walk much to the delight of him and other holiday makers in Padstow!!
    Loved the Dog in the pram story, praps we could use the old go- cart wheels, for ours!
    We are continuing to save our 5ps for ‘Practical Action’, Granny has the most.
    Thinking of you everyday, you are both looking great.
    Love Always
    Cherie and Col

  34. Michael & Christine says:

    Happy First Anniversary. We can’t believe that it was a year ago that we shared your brilliant wedding day at Bigbury. So much has happened to you both in that time and so much to look forward to!! Keep cycling – we love to read your journal.

    Best wishes,
    Michael & Christine xxx

  35. Lesley Brewster says:

    Happy Anniversary, don’t know what the time difference is,but keep treking,and
    enthralling us with your adventure
    Lots of love. Lesley XX

  36. Cherie and Colin says:

    Sending you warm hugs for cold times…………..
    You are such an inspiration, I find myself , laughing and crying, when I read your journal!
    Well done! Go Tandem Turners
    Lots of memories of your amazing wedding day too…………………. who would have thought that you would be on such an amazing adventure a year later!
    The closing ceremony of the Olympics is tonight, the british cycle womens team have been amazing! We will be raising a glass to you both, because to us, you are pure gold.
    love always
    Cherie and Col

  37. kev says:

    steve & kat you didn’t have to go all that way for gales and rain .we have just come back from camping in st agnes and its just the same !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tent is on washing line now drying .hooray for camping !!!!! kev & ju . excellent blogs , following all the way .

  38. kev says:

    still following you all the way .good photos .granny & grandad follow your blog when they come over . we’re all loving it ,keep up the good work !!! pryces kj

  39. Cherie and Col. says:

    Kat you are so brave! ouch……………..
    All with you,
    With ‘Eye of the Tiger’ as the soundtrack to our thoughts of you!
    So proud of you both
    Pryces of plymiff

  40. Rosie Hopkins says:

    I found your story in the Summer edition of Practical Action’s Small World and think you are wonderful – what an adventure – and as I learned to say when I worked in a local Scottish Young Offenders’ Institute ‘pure dead brullyant’. A childhood friend from my early days in South Africa nearly 70 years ago died recently and she and her husband were great tandem riders. Together they rode the equivalent of 3x round the globe! I will be sponsoring you on Practical Action in her memory and wish you both well on your wondrous journey.

  41. granny and grandad says:

    We are following you journey with great intrest. The photo’s and scenery are a joy. You both look so well, hope your knee is feeling better Katherine. We think Steve could take a few lessons from the Kangaroos in jumping. The lovely people you have met, their kindness is overwhelming. Our pryers and thoughts are with you every step (or pedel) of the way. Hope Hooch will be a better friend when the new wheel arrives. We are both very well and enjoying some summer sun at last. God be with you.
    All our love,
    Granny and Grandad.

  42. Joe says:

    Where are yoooouuuuu!!!!??? What’s happeniiiiiiiiiing!!!???? Xx

    • Steve says:

      Adelaide Baby! Just giving Hooch a polish before we head in to the Outback. Blog coming soon. Hope Ted has enjoyed his first summer. Love to you both. Steve and Kat x

      • Joe says:

        Hurray!! We were getting worried about youse two!

        Baby boy is doing great – walking! Can say ‘cake’! Pretty much sorted for life!

        Looking forward to the blog!

        Lots of love joe, Sophie and teddy

  43. Col and Cherie ov Plimuff says:

    “Flippin heck they’re in Adelaide Cher!”
    We’re still there right behind you my beauties.
    Thanks to you two there’s no way the Ozzies can forget who rules the pedals…team GB have taken it to them once again!
    You’re truly never far from our thoughts.
    All our love.
    C and C XX.

  44. Cherie and Col. says:

    ‘Adelaide Col’!!
    Just finished reading , as usual laughter, tears, but always so incredibly inspiring, we are so proud of you both.
    love you
    Cherie and Col

  45. Granny and Grandad says:

    Wishing you a very happy birthday Katherine, Love the news letters and pleased things are looking up.
    Love you both lots,
    Granny and Grandad

  46. Kevin Julie and the girls says:

    Have a very happy birthday Kat, enjoy your special day.
    Lots of love
    Kev, Julie and the Girls

  47. Granny and Grandad says:

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Katherine, Love the news letters and pleased things are looking up.
    Love you both lots,
    Granny and Grandad

  48. Jan and Brian Riach says:

    Following your progress with interest and awe! Have just had some folk from Darwin staying who would love to provide a bed when you reach there : Pauline and Peter Pearse, 24 Gothenburg Cres, Stuart Pond, NT 0820. Mob 0438003864.

    • Kat says:

      Hi Jan and Brian

      So lovely to hear from you – gosh, Christchurch feels like such a long time ago! Great to hear that you have been following our progress. Must admit I never believed that we would get this far.

      Thank you very much for the contact details. We will definitely get in touch with them, even just to say hello. We are in Adelaide River at the moment – we are doing shorter days because it is so hot and humid at the minute. Should be in Darwin the day after tomorrow!

      All the best to you and send our love to Kate, Jono, Hamish and Sofia. xxxx

  49. Becca pryce says:

    Hi guys,
    Just thought i would have a catch up on your journals before i go to bed, the next thing i know its 1.30 in the morning! So inspirational, its incredible, love reading your stories like a book you cant put down!! I hope you are both ok, stay strong and keep cycling!

    lots of love xx

    • Kat says:

      Hi Becca

      Great to hear from you and thank you for such a lovely message. It certainly brought smiles to our faces. Sorry we kept you up…although you students don’t go to bed until the early hours anyway! Hope all is going well at uni and very sorry to hear about Sam – he had a good innings though.

      We think about everybody back home alot and we miss you very much. Can’t wait to have a Pryce knees-up!

      Take care. xxxx

  50. Cherie and Col says:

    Just finished reading the latest, again tears , laughter, and huge pride in having such inspiration in our family.
    Katherine you are so brave…………………………….. you both are, time to recharge your Tandem Turner batteries.
    Incredible looking at the map…………..
    what an achievement!!!!………
    Hi and Hugs to Ronnie….. always think of you lots as I read the latest

    The Practical Action fund is growing, so that your inspiration goes on inspiring. Well done xxxx

  51. Gran and Grandad Pryce says:

    What an inspiration you two are!
    We are so proud of your achievement so far.
    All the lovely people you have met and the friends you have made- with more to come no doubt.
    We were so pleased to hear your voice on the answer-phone Steve and sounding so well.
    We hear Bali is beautiful,so enjoy the short break, you have certainly earned it!
    We are all well in Devon and the 5p’s are still rolling in for practical action.
    We love and miss you both.Love to mum who will soon be with you we hear.
    Keep pedalling (love to Hooch).
    We wish you a safe journey xx

  52. Phil Pryce says:

    Hi Steve, I’m you’re Mum’s cousin; the son of Bert & Joan Pryce. I just heard about this from my brother Mike.
    I think the last time we met you were only about 10!

    Well done on what you’ve achieved so far and for the rest of your trip :-)

  53. Granny and Grandad says:

    Hi! Steve and Katherine,

    We will miss you at Christmas, But I will raise a glass of champagne to you when we toast Dads birthday, and I will raise another or two when we toast her majesty, and perhaps another with Downton. Not bad going for an oldie, wish you were both here with us I wouldn’t have to drink so much. Lovely to hear your voice from time to time, you are doing so well Happy Christmas. Enjoy Ronnie’s visit, I’m sure you will,

    Lots of love and Hugs,
    Granny P

  54. Granny and Grandad says:

    Greetings to you both,

    Following your journey all the way, great to hear your voice on the phone Steve,
    What an achievement.
    Merry Christmas,
    Love to Ronnie, may God continue to bless you

    Love Grandad.

  55. Derek foudy says:

    After reading about your adventure on dailymail and just want to say you two are an inspiration.Hope you raise a fortune for charity and make a new world record.
    Stay strong and Happy christmas from Derek,Ireland.

  56. Cherie and Col says:

    Merry Christmas to you!
    Have just watched your latest video clip, amazing! Keep going, we think of you all the time. Have a great time too Ronnie, All our fondest love
    keep pedalling
    Cherie and Col xxx

  57. kev, julie and co. says:

    Happy new year to you both, we all keep following your adventures and wish you well with the next leg lots of love ,
    Kev Julie, Nikita , Rosie and Lucy xx

  58. Cherie and Col says:

    Happy Pedalling for 2013………………………….
    With you all the way
    Cherie and Col xxx

    • Steve says:

      Thanks for all your support – we have certainly had a great start to 2013, although we haven’t got on the bike yet… Love to you both, Steve and Kat

  59. Granny and Grandad says:

    Dear Katherine and Steve,

    Sorry we were out each time you called but we appreciate hearing your voice. I had a wonderful birthday celebrated at the chalet with Family and laughed until I cried. Loosing touch a bit with my map as I can’t understand some of the place names. Main cities pick me up again, you are doing so well. It must have been a big boost having Ronnie over at Christmas. You both look well and happy. Our Church have taken you on to the prayer list. Keep pedaling an d enjoy the sights. Love you both. Grandad and I are well and he sends his love too

    Granny and Grandad

  60. Deb Seago says:

    Hello Both!
    Just letting you know that South Park are still following your progress with interest and excitement! Keep up the good work! xxx

  61. Cherie and Col says:

    Sending our love and hugs to you both, We think of you every day.
    We love reading your news and adventures, and were very thrilled to receive a postcard!
    Love always
    Cherie and Col xxxxx

  62. shenel says:

    Loving the blog, Katters + Steve- especially the story about the old men fighting. Haha. Missing you xxx

  63. Kate and Jono Collins says:

    Today marks the day you arrived in Christchurch a year ago! A whole year on- what amazing adventures and challenges you have had! Keep on pedaling guys x x

  64. julie and kev says:

    We saw the video you sent Grandad for his birthday, it was great to see you both. You both look well. All went very well yesterday, and a good day was had by all. Enjoy the next stage of your trip.

    Lots of love the Pryces

    • Steve says:

      Thanks for the message. We enjoyed the photos of grandads party, we wouldn’t have needed to make much effort to look like stinky hippies – but it seemed to come quite naturally to you too Kev…


  65. Cherie and Col says:

    It was great to catch up with your Mum and Dad and hear all about you both, and more amazing adventures, to inspire us.
    Of course we are thinking of you all the time, and send all our love and big hugs to remember on the days when the road feels a bit long!
    Love Col and Cher xxxx

    • Steve says:

      Thanks for all your support – it is good to know we are not alone when we feel all alone in strange and harsh places. We have a feeling there are a few more long roads ahead…

      Hope Dad isn’t wearing his new conical hat around town.

      Steve and Kat x

  66. Willem & Annette says:

    Hi Kat & Steve, we took the liberty adding you to our adressbook and sending our cycling stories. We’re finally back home, safe and sound. Guim of the THBC/Hanoi told us that he was able to fix your frontaxle-problem. Hope it’s OK now. Keep on tracking and stay healthy. Warm greetings. W&A, Rotterdam The Netherlands

    • Steve says:

      Hi Willem and Annette, Glad you are back home safely and catching up with firends and family. It was nice to meet Guim and get our bike sorted out. The bike is still rolling – we are in China now and it is vey hilly! Enjoy planning your next adventures and maybe see you in London or Rotterdam when we get back.

      All the best,

      Steve and Kat x

  67. Liz Frost says:

    It’s a friday afternoon and I should really be working, but Michaela Ashmore circulated your latest blog, and before I knew it I was working my way back through your travels, entranced with the stories of people you’ve met, the places you’ve stayed and your insightful comments. I work for Practical Action and have been fortunate to visit our work (and recognise some of those ‘hotels’ you’ve stayed in – the strange smells and stains) – just wanted to say how much I admire what you’re doing. Having visited quite a few of Practical Action’s projects and reading every day of the impact it has, I know the money you’re raising will be making a difference – I met an elderly lady in Bangladesh we had helped by building her a safe, secure home above the flood levels. In her 70s, it was the first time she had ever had an address, and the first home she could be sure would always be there – she’s just one of thousands whose life has been changed by people like you.

    Good luck with the rest of the trip and looking forward to reading the next blog!


  68. Dong Xuying and Qiu Yunhu says:

    Nice to meet you. I think that your trip is a feat,I wish you in the journey to experience different countries and national culture, and from experience feel the fun of the meaning.God bless you travel, come on! The explorer!

  69. Ling Ling Li says:

    Wow, you two are my heroes. Hope I can do something like that one day.
    Enjoy! And be safe!

    The Chinese girl who met you in Nobel Hostel in Turkey.

    • Kat says:

      Hello Ling Ling

      It was lovely meeting you in Istanbul. Hope you had a great time. Are you back in London now? Hope to bump into you again one day.

      All the best

      Kat and Steve

  70. julie and kev says:

    Wishing you both a merry and very happy christmas and new year, looking forward to seeing you in the new year. Look after yourselves
    Lots of love Kev, Julie, Nikita, Rosie and Lucy xxx

  71. Jan and Brian says:

    Merry Xmas guys!! Hard to believe it is nearly 2 years since you began your remarkable journey. We follow your progress with interest. Cheers, Jan.

    • Kat says:

      Hey Jan and Brian

      Lovely to hear from you. Sorry for our delay in replying! Hope you had a great Christmas too and that 2014 has got off to an excellent start. Glad you have been enjoying our progress.

      Not sure if we thanked you for the newspaper cutting that you sent. It will be amazing to look at all those sort of things when we get back and process all that we have seen and done since we left Kate and Jono’s. Thank you!

      Hope NZ is having a lovely summer.

      All the best

      Kat and Steve

  72. Cherie and Col says:

    Merry Christmas!!!
    Thinking of you! Have a great time with Ronnie. x
    So looking forward to seeing you in 2014 yaaaaaay!
    Love always
    Col and Cherie xxx
    Ps Granny and Grandad about to arrive for Christmas sprouts from allottment they are beauties!!!

  73. LAINIE HARRIS says:

    Following your progress with keen interest. Sooooooo looking forward to your next Journal entry.

  74. Kate and Jono Collins says:

    Hi guys! Keep going! You are getting close to the finish line! Hope you are keeping well and are still smiling :)
    Love Kate and Jono

  75. Cherie and Col says:

    Not long now!
    We cant wait to see you!
    Love and Hugs
    Cherie and Col. XXX

  76. Cherie and Col says:

    You Did it!!!
    Cherie and Col xxxxx

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