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As our motivation to do this trip has come from wanting a personal challenge and to experience all the world has to offer, we feel it would be insincere of us to say that we are doing this for charity. That said, there is a charity which we feel does invaluable work and who we strongly believe in and therefore as part of trip we would like to raise the profile of Practical Action.

Practical Action is a charity that sets out to use technology to challenge poverty and more often than not, it is the simplest ideas that have the biggest impact.  A great example of simple technology is the bicycle.  It is such a simple form of transport – yet it is life changing to millions around the world and in our case is capable of taking us around it.   If our trip has inspired you and you would like to make a donation to a charity working at the grassroots of poverty, please follow our Just Giving link here:

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  1. Col and Cherie says:

    Hope the training is going well my beauties!
    Have just had a look at the count down timer and can’t believe it’s nearly here…I’m getting worn out just looking at the route!
    We will add a donation to the charity once you get going,that way we may start a bit of a roll in contributions to encourage you along the way.
    All the best for now from your proud family down in Plymufff. x

  2. Cherie and Colin says:

    Family have proudly purchased some ‘Funky Chickens’ and some ‘Handy Tools’ through
    Practical Action gifts, to ‘fill’ that Tandem Turner Trailor with inspiration.
    Hugs x

  3. veronica nickels says:

    i have just made a donation too.

  4. Practical Action says:

    Thank you from all of us at Practical Action!

  5. Cherie and Colin says:

    Some ‘Fluffy ducks’ for Bangladesh have been purchased through ‘Practical Action’ with all Granny Pryce’s 5ps.
    That trailer is filling up!!
    Granny and the Pryce family xxx

  6. Cherie and Col says:

    We are still saving our 5 pence pieces on behalf of Steve and Katharine, and donating to ‘Practical Action’, they soon mount up, and that total is rising!! Each blog is our inspiration!
    Love from the Pryce family xxx

  7. Mum and Dad says:

    St Mary’s Church, Brixton, near Plymouth, are right behind you – well, more like 10,000 miles ahead of you as you enter China!. We love hearing your news through Granny and Grandad Pryce and have been giving our support to Practical Action. Keep on peddling!

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