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Kat: Born and raised a proud Londoner, the most risky adventure I have had to date is to look someone in the eye whilst commuting on the Jubilee Line. After graduating in Anthropology from East London University and completing a Masters in International Law and Criminal Justice, I have worked in numerous public sector jobs. Whilst these jobs have been worthwhile, I now have the urge to actually experience what drew me to Anthropology, namely different cultures and new perspectives. In no way am I an intrepid adventurer (in fact, I can’t even ride a bike very well for which there is video evidence!) but I hope that by taking each day as it comes, with as cheery an attitude as I can muster when that saddle pains , a normal girl from south east London will make it back home in one piece…and maybe even a little lighter.

 Steve: Kat’s husband, Primary School  Teacher and have-a-go dreamer, I am probably to blame for this trip.  I have been teaching in east London for the last 5 years and it has been a great source of entertainment and wonder.  But ideas of exploring the world, the open road and adventures in foreign lands have never been far from my mind.  While I can’t claim to wear the trousers in our relationship, it’s assumed I wear the cycling the shorts.   It’s true that I can ride a bicycle (sorry Kat, you really are awful) and had a few reckless cycle tours in my early 20’s – but this really is a plan of epic proportions beyond my experience.  Besides, this time there will be two of us.  I can’t believe Kat agreed to it.  However, the road beckons us, you only live once and this is one hell of a way to live it.

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  1. Robin Turner says:

    Pleased to see you have arrived .Uncle Robin

  2. Deb says:

    Kat and Steve –
    As a geographer I learn more about the world by tandem than ever. Bill and I even explored northeast Pennsylvania by bicycle as I conducted field work on ‘fracking.’ Ha! What a wonderful way to understand people and the Earth and THEN teach about it.
    Beaucoup de bons voyages a vous!

  3. Melissa says:

    Great to meet you guys last night at Pete and Pauline’s place! Looking forward to reading about your travels into Asia………there will at least be an improvement in the cuisine along the way. No more packet pastas for a little bit anyway. :-)

  4. Nsanzabaganwa Christian says:

    Really amazing! What a patience and persistence!
    I think you are experienced more than expected.
    Turner (dad) is proud know.

  5. Fred says:

    Really happy to see you two are doing this epic journey for a good cause. Caught your story in the ‘MailOnline’ thanks to Jaqs and wish you a safe journey with plenty of great adventures ahead of you both.

    “You’re nearly there!”

    Fred of UEL fame.

  6. Cherie and Col says:

    I thought you said that you could not ride a bike Katherine !!!
    You are truly inspirational!!!
    Welcome home from your bike ride!
    Love Col and Cher xxxx

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