Tandem Turners reporting in!

Sorry it has been so long, but on this occasion, no news is good news.  One of the draws of a life on the road is leaving it all behind (the stress of modern living) and keeping it simple – preparing for such a life has been quite the opposite.  Keeping it brief, here’s what we have been up to…. apart from me keeping the local takeaways in business.

New Wheels!

Meet Hooch – our pimped up globe-trotting machine.

Feeling a bit fool-hardy as we explain our planned expedition at the bike shop.

At 30kg Hooch is no Whippet, but should prove to be a trusty work horse.  So far he rides like a dream and chomps up the local hills.  As for mountain passes, we shall have to wait and see…  We haven’t ridden Hooch fully loaded with our panniers and trailer yet, when we will be about 4m long!

Route change

Everyone kept telling us we must go to New Zealand, so we have changed our flight to start our journey in Christchurch.  We plan to cycle around both islands in about 6 weeks and then fly out of Auckland to Sydney.  Easy start – New Zealand is flat, right?  Looking forward to seeing some old friends and meeting new ones there.  In a few weeks we will be on this road…we can’t quite believe any of this will really happen.







Packing up and selling up

We move out of our flat on Friday.  We have sold, given away and chucked out so much stuff, and yet, we have a ton of stuff left.  Katherine will tell you it is my ‘hobbies’ that account for the piles dotted in various rooms and houses, but it is mostly Kat’s accumulated nick-nacks; the home brew doesn’t count because I am drinking all of that.  Katie and Debs are going to be house, cat and chicken sitting while we are away – the pets have really landed on their feet (apart from Gamy, our one-legged chicken who has landed on her foot).  So a massive thank you to them – House Warming party springs to mind girls.

World Record for the Longest Tandem Journey ever?

Ok, so this may be a case of our day dreaming getting a bit out of control, but why not think big? We are now official Guinness World Records™ attempters.  While our practice tour last year of 400km from London to Plymouth is a little shy of the monster record set in 1997 by Phil and Louise Shambrook who travelled 38,143 km (23,701 miles) on a tandem around the world, we thought it would be fun to give it a shot.  But think, given the time, if you can do 400km once, perhaps you can do it a 100 times in a row.  Who knows? Strangely, no major sponsors have come snapping at our heels to put their name on our t-shirts yet – contact us if you believe!

Keep Watching this Space

So I hope this little update reassures you that the Tandem Turners are still alive and pedaling.  A big thinks to Adam Collyer, who is my website Guru, and is now hosting our website on his server – after a big Daddy host with no Go, who shall remain unnamed, proved too slow for the speedy Tandem Turners.

Just thought I would leave you with this little gem.  Katherine was too shy to boast about her cycling achievements, but I felt for any doubting sponsors it could tip the balance.


This video edit is a little unfair, an hour later she was whizzing around the park. However, Kat decided to leave the steering on our tandem adventure to me. Which is lucky, because she is a powerhouse on the back seat, you won’t meet a more committed Stoker. So big it up for Kat – she’s a cracker.  If we get back home on Hooch, it will be because she has pushed us beyond what we thought was possible.


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2 Responses to Tandem Turners reporting in!

  1. Abhida says:

    Hiya Steve and Kat,
    Wow your trip looks amazing! I just looked through all those amazing pictures and read your blog…you guys are so brave! I hope you’re both well and are enjoying your looong holiday! It seems like you’re having a great time! I will visit your site again to see an update to your epic journey, take care guys xx

    Abhida xx

    • Steve says:

      Good to hear from you Abhida. We are having a great time. Tent seems permanently frozen these days, not sure it this is your usual holiday…

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