A little video of our time in Australia

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5 Responses to A little video of our time in Australia

  1. Yanette Hansen says:

    Great video, loved it!! Merry Christmas, Kat and Steve!!!!

  2. Vanessa says:

    Hey guys,

    Happy Christmas! Love the video and we miss you guys! We’re just about to go down the great ocean rd, so we’ll think of you and your head wind.

    Lots of love,
    Vanessa and Luke

  3. violaine says:

    WAOW! Great video, very fun! Amazing landscape. I love the music as well.
    Where ar you now guys? With Nico, we are going to be in Hanoi, Vietnam for new year’s eve. And you?
    Besos and bisous. Vio

  4. Anna Chalk says:

    Great video – loved the dancing, don’t know how you coped with that windy weather! Lovely to see your smiley faces, we all send you lots of love and a big hug from number 30 from mum, dad, anna, tom, pete, geo, harry and charlie xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. brother/brother-in-law says:

    Amazing video TTs. You make me so jealous of where you are and what you’ve achieved so far. Hope you had a great Christmas with Mum and are looking forward to spending New Year’s eve together.

    Look forward to catching up with you soon.

    Lots of love
    Tom xxx

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