Amici in bici (cycling friends)


Kat and Hooch in front of the Royal Palace of Naples

Kat and Hooch in front of the Royal Palace of Naples

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  1. June & Mick says:

    Hey there, nearly home. I have enjoyed following you through your travels and it must have been the best lifetime experience you have ever had. Might not have seemed it at times but when you look back you will say ” sure was ‘
    That’s the thing about life , you never know where the best times are un til you look back. then you say ‘I would have appreciated it more if I had only realised at the time just how good it was”.
    We met you on the Frankton Track in Queenstown NZ We were both on bikes too. It was very cold and snow on the ground.
    \Cheers June & Mick

    • Kat says:

      Hello June and Mick

      We remember you very well! You even offered us a place to stay if we got to your neck of the woods and you were house-sitting at the time if I remember correctly?

      It is great to hear you have been following our journey – we still can’t believe how long ago it was that we met you in New Zealand.

      We must admit we are extremely exhausted and are very ready to get home but we appreciate that we will look back on these times with great fondness and should appreciate every second. We will do our very best to make sure we do that in these last few weeks.

      Hope life is treating you well and you are out and about on your bicycles in the kiwi summer.

      All the best and thank you for your support!

      Kat and Steve

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